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History of Bradenton, FL

Bradenton is a small fast developing city located on the Florida coast between St. Petersburg on the Tampa Bay area and the city of Sarasota in Sarasota County. The city’s population was estimated to be around 58,000 in 2018. Bradenton city serves as the headquarters of the local metro area which is comprised of both Sarasota and Manatee counties.

The story of Bradenton’s inception starts with two brothers, Hector and Joseph Braden, who arrived along the Manatee River in the early 1840s. They initially settled in a log cabin about 8 kilometers up the stream. Their intention was to establish a plantation in the area. Even the unfortunate death of Hector who drowned into the river in 1846 did not prevent his brother from realizing their dream of establishing a giant sugar plantation. Joseph additionally established a sugar mill near the meeting point of today’s Braden and Manatee rivers. He also constructed a wooden pier at the edge of what is now known as Old Main Street. This pier helped him with the loading of processed sugar into the boats for shipping.

After his plantation started thriving, Joseph moved out of the initial log cabin to the newly constructed plantation home under the name “Braden Castle” in 1851. This new tabby structure was located a short distance from his Sugar Mill.

Despite his thriving business, Joseph was unable to pay a debt he had borrowed, leading to the confiscation of his land and properties in 1857. After this, he relocated back to his native Tallahassee. The “Braden Castle” area was used as a picnics site for many years in the 1900s; long after Joseph Braden was gone. Some of its remains can still be found on the site.

The plantation land which was part of today’s Bradenton area started to develop into a settlement community on the 1860s. When the community experienced massive population growth in the 1870s, the land owner by the name Major Turner petitioned to have a post office and new name for his upcoming town. Unfortunately, the residents did not turn up in large numbers for the first town meeting which was vital if the town was to qualify for an independent post office.

Interestingly, Turner hired people from neighboring communities to attend his second meeting and the consequently the town was approved to have its own Post office. Turner also suggested that the town be named Bradentown in memory of the late Hector Braden. The acting secretary at the meeting misspelled the word to “Braidentown” and it remained that way until after the arrival of the railway in 1904. The “i” was dropped from the name in 1905. The name was altered again almost 20 years later when the “w” was dropped and the city of Bradenton was born. In 1943 Manatee and Bradenton cities were merged to form modern-day Bradenton city.

Famous people from Bradenton, FL

Being a first growing city with a population of estimated to hit 60,000 by 2020, Bradenton is one of the most family-friendly communities on the Florida coastline. The city boasts of having numerous well established and actively growing neighborhoods and some very beautiful waterfront homes. As such, Bradenton is one of the most coveted residential areas in Manatee County. The City is and has been home to several popular people in the fields of acting, sports, politics, and more. Below is a list of some of the most popular residents, former residents and natives of Bradenton, FL:

Paul William Azinger

Azinger is an accomplished pro-golfer who doubles up as a golf analyst on television. He has 12 PGA titles to his name with one being a championship title. He ranked among the top ten best golfers in the world for around 300 weeks between 1994 and 1918. Azinger is originally from Massachusetts but currently resides in the coastal city of Bradenton.

Chris Berry

Broadcaster Chris Berry is another popular former resident of Bradenton. He was born in Illinois but his family relocated to Bradenton where he grew up and attended Manatee High School. He has worked with some of the most prominent U.S. communications firms including CBS Radio News, KNX-AM and WBBM (AM). He is currently the senior VP at iHeartMedia.

Myron Demond Butler

Butler is a decorated musician in the gospel industry who is mainly known for his role as the lead singer in the famous Myron Butler & Levi choir. He has also worked as a vocalist and backup singer for many notable artists including Yolanda Adams, Marvin Sapp, and Kirk Franklin among others. Butler was born in Bradenton but his family relocated to Dallas, TX. It is in this music-rich State that he developed an interest in music. He was the won several acclaimed awards including a Grammy award.

Who will be the next famous person from ? Only time will tell!  Stay tuned!

Annual events in Bradenton, FL

Though it may seem like a small city with little to offer, Bradenton will surprise you in so many different ways. Despite being a hot spot for nature lovers and beach-goers, the city is home to a number of family-friendly annual events that attract thousands of guests every year. Bradenton’s location between Sarasota and the Tampa Bay Area also makes it a gateway to all the attractions and annual events taking place in all the surrounding cities. Below are some of the annual events that you can enjoy while staying in Bradenton, FL:

Manatee County Fair

This is a family-style event that features all sorts of fun from livestock shows to live music and entertainment. The fair also features activities for kids in the kid’s section and a plethora of delicious fair food. Held at the Manatee County Fairgrounds, this January event is a merry way to start the year in Bradenton.

Sarasota Seafood & Music Festival,

This is an event for foodies and wine lovers which takes place just outside Bradenton in the neighboring city of Sarasota. The festival features a wide variety of local and international seafood and a selection of wines and beers to go with the food. Wine and food pairing, wine tasting and live music are some of the activities you can expect at the event.

Bradenton Area River Regatta

This February event turns Bradenton city into a throbbing hot spot of event and activities. The festival takes place along the popular Riverwalk area next to the Manatee River and features lots of free activities and events. Some of the notable activities include boat races, live music, evening fireworks, discounted sales and more. There is a kid’s fun zone and lots of food trucks and vendors.


For art enthusiasts and wannabe artists, ArtSlam provides the perfect platform to learn, enjoy and promote upcoming artists from local schools in the region. Each year, this event features dozens of students presenting their works in groups. ArtSlam takes place in March within downtown Bradenton and is a perfect way to inspire and motivate kids to participate in art and craft activities.

Other popular festivals and events that offer great entertainment and fun activities for Bradenton residents and visitors include Sarasota Agricultural Fair, De Soto Grande Parade, Sarasota Jazz Festival, Whiskey Obsession Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, and Venice Italian Feast & Carnival just to mention a few.  Bradenton Florida awaits, you should visit today!

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